The Philadelphia Phillies can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. After​ taking a screamer of a fastball right off the ankle in a spring training contest against the Toronto Blue Jays, ​Bryce Harper has been diagnosed with a right foot contusion, and the team doesn't seem too worried about it.

​​"We are confident he is going to be alright," said Phillies manager Gape Kapler. "Not overly concerned right now."

An injury is still an injury. You never want to see your star player go down. But this is encouraging news.

The team should consider itself lucky that it wasn't more severe. Harper appeared to be in some serious pain when he first hit the dirt.

He'll get an x-ray as a precautionary measure, but as Kapler said, the team doesn't have any reason to believe that the injury is anything more serious than a contusion.

Maybe next time he steps up to the plate, Harper will be more inclined to grab an ankle guard so that something like this doesn't happen again.

Regardless, here's to hoping for a full recovery and quick return to the field for the free agent acquisition.