The ​Los Angeles Angels appear to be looking around at other local cities to root their franchise in, and according to reports, luxury housing developer Frank Suryan Jr. is helping facilitate talks to lure the Angels to a new waterfront stadium in Long Beach.

We've heard about this possibility before, but now it could be coming a reality.

Suryan is not a small player in this, and if you ask people who've worked with him in the past, he's the only guy who can pull this off and bring the Angels to Long Beach.

The Angels are opting out of their stadium lease that runs through 2020, so unless they can figure something out in their current location, this franchise could be on the move and it appears Suryan wants to bring them to Long Beach.

There are still a lot of hurdles they'll need to jump over to make this happen, but it appears that Suryan is determined to move them, and based off his reputation, this will end up happening sooner than later.