​NFL free agency started this week and you have some of the biggest stars changing teams. One thing that usually follows is the player thanking the fans for the time spent in that city through a social media post.

It's been a couple weeks since Bryce Harper ​signed a $330 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, and yet, he hasn't said goodbye or given a thank you to the fans of the Washington Nationals and the city of D.C.

​​This is pretty odd. He doesn't need to put a large thank you note in the Washington Post, but he could go on Twitter or Instagram and thank the fans who have had his back for the last seven years.

​​Maybe he thought his ​Instagram posts back in September during what ended up being his final homestand in Washington was good enough, but fans would like more acknowledgement, especially since he was the face of their franchise and spurned them for a division rival.

I know he made a ​huge blunder in his introductory press conference saying he wants to bring a World Series to the nation's capital, but he should give them more of a sincere shout out.