​On Thursday, Major League Baseball announced some ​rule changes that will come into place in 2019 and 2020. One of the more insignificant ones was giving the winner of the Home Run Derby $1 million.

I'm sure the league did this with the hopes that more stars would participate. Well, the one guy everyone wants to see is New York Yankees outfielder ​Aaron Judge, but he's come out and said that he's still not interested in competing again.

I don't know what's the bigger story: the fact that Judge doesn't want to do the derby again, or the fact he just admitted that he got hurt doing it back in 2017?

This was a huge talking point during the 2017 season and now we know what happened from the man himself.

I'm sure the hike in money will bring some better players to the table, but $1 million to these guys isn't that big of a deal, no matter how crazy that sounds, especially for a guy like Judge who will be signing a mega contract in a few years.