​There are some things you hope you never see in sports: a batter taking a pitch to the head, a football player getting knocked out helmet to helmet, and a leg injury coming down from a lay-up. Unfortunately for VCU and perhaps their best player, Marcus Evans, it was exactly that which just took place.

Just terrible to watch. This injury unfortunately is not so rare. Whether it was Paul George a few years ago, or​ Victor Oladipo and ​Gordon Hayward more recently, it never gets any easier to see somebody land so awkwardly. You can almost hear the pain. 

Not only is the injury a terrible one for Evans from a recurring physical perspective, but he was having a terrific season. Having been named All-A10 this year, Evans was averaging 14.2 points per game and to this point was leading his team to the No. 1 seed in the A10 tournament. 

You just hate to see such promising young athletes getting injured in such tough fashion, especially with ​college basketball's biggest dance party coming up soon.