​Thursday night was the Utah Jazz's first home game back at Vivint Arena since the verbal altercation between OKC Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Jazz fan Shane Keisel ensued during a game on Monday. 

The player-fan quarrel was described by Westbrook himself as being racially charged, something that he had experienced before in Utah. The Jazz responded to this incident by permanently banning Kiesel and enforcing the NBA Fan Code of Conduct with zero tolerance

Jazz owner Gail Miller took it upon herself to read a letter, addressed to the fans, by her and the Jazz President Steve Starks regarding the issue. 

"We do not permit hate speech, racism, sexism or homophobia. We also do not allow disruptive behavior, including bullying, foul or abusive language, or obscene gestures. Violators may be subject to ejection and other penalties, including a lifetime ban."

As of Friday morning, the Jazz have now executed a second permanent ban on another Jazz fan following the release of a video which shows the fan acting inappropriately and using degrading and offensive language toward Westbrook that transpired during the 2018 playoffs.

The fan's name has not been released, however, Utah has conducted a formal investigation in order to punish this fan for his actions. 

Jazz coach Quin Snyder said, “Everybody’s processing and discussing. I think all those things are healthy in getting all the details of everything but suffice to say that the Millers are aware and everybody’s taking steps, generating ideas and plans.”