The Toronto Raptors completed their season sweep of the reeling Los Angeles Lakers with a 111-98 victory on Thursday night at Scotiabank Arena. However, the most telling storyline took place after the final buzzer sounded when ​LeBron James appeared to utter some intriguing words to Kawhi Leonard, insinuating that the two would be speaking in the near future. Listen closely at the five-second mark:

Now before we all freak out, it's worth noting this could simply mean the two superstars are working out together, as they do most summers. Not to mention that ​Leonard, a Southern California native, has been ​linked more so with the Clippers than the Lakers. 

But that's not to say that The King isn't already in recruiting mode. 

James' Lakers aren't making the playoffs and he's absolutely already thinking about the potential of next season as LA has enough cap room for two max contracts. 

This message should NOT be seen as evidence that the Lakers will land Kawhi or are even serious players to sign the three-time All-Star. But it should serve as proof that LeBron is motivated to turn things around next season and that he will play a significant role in recruiting.