The light at the end of the Lakers championship tunnel is starting to look a lot smaller.

Marc Spears of The Undefeated was told is no way that the New Orleans Pelicans send All-NBA forward Anthony Davis directly to Los Angeles.

Something that shouldn't be overlooked is that the Pelicans have NFL owners, a league that is a lot less player-friendly than the NBA. It's not often that a football player is sent to a destination of his choice when he wants out.

It's hard to know what the trade market for AD will be looking like given that he would now potentially be a one-year rental for a team, rather than the two if he were traded at this year's deadline. One would think the Pelicans would get less of an offer because of this.

It would certainly be troubling for the Lakers if they aren't able to pair another star with LeBron James this offseason. If LA can't land Davis, or one of the star "K" free agents: KD, Kawhi, or Kyrie, it would be hard to imagine the Lakers having legitimate title aspirations as presently constructed.

The Lakers potential trade package took a serious hit with Brandon Ingram now being untouchable due to the blood clot condition in his shoulder, and Lonzo Ball's continued struggle to stay healthy.