The MLB is switching things up in a big way. On Thursday, the league announced a litany of changes that will take place over the upcoming seasons, including modifications to the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game.

However, one of the most impactful items concerned the league-wide roster expansion that occurs in September. Get ready for cutbacks by 2020, as 28 players rather than 40 will be permitted on each MLB roster.

Unfortunately, this reform is going to result in many minor league players failing to reach their goal of playing in the bigs. The expansion presents some with their sole opportunity to realize their dream of playing in the Show, but with the new changes, as Giants manager Bruce Bochy said, many will see this chance ultimately disappear. 

This is a tone-deaf decision that reflects a lack of sensibility from the league. For players that have toiled away for years and are simply looking for their opportunity to play in the majors, the roster expansion presented a light at the end of the tunnel that has now been taken away.

With these new reforms in addition to the current state of the free agency market, the MLB is starting to lose its grasp on what made it such an endearing league, a problematic turn for the body presiding over America's Pastime. 

While the change isn't set to take place until 2020, there's still an ominous cloud here to damper the excitement of the approaching season. While there's nothing that can be done about the change, it's still sad to think of all the players that are going to miss their opportunity to play in then MLB -- an opportunity that may never come again -- simply because of new regulations.