If Teddy Bridgewater is going to have the comeback story we all believe he's capable of, it's going to take place in New Orleans.

The former first-round pick had his first healthy season since he injured his knee prior to the 2016 season. Even though he spent it as a backup, it was still a huge obstacle for Bridgewater. He had a chance to prove he had what it takes to start with a late push from the Dolphins, but he made the decision to stay in the Big Easy.


Bridgewater took to Twitter to announce to Saints fans his trademark dance will be back in New Orleans.

He's not going to let the Saints' revenge tour go on without him.

This is a head-scratching move for many reasons. Bridgewater was once a starter and a former Pro Bowler, so you'd think he would take a chance to lead a team again, which he likely would've been able to do in Miami. 

He's definitely not getting that chance behind Drew Brees on the Saints, but the offer from New Orleans was enough to keep him in New Orleans.

Over $7 million to learn from Brees is not a bad gig. 

It is just a one-year deal, but this is an opportunity for Bridgewater to continue to learn an offense and hopefully step in for Brees when he's ready to hang up his cleats. The Super Bowl champ is going to be 41 by the time this year, and his contract, are up. 

If Bridgewater sits one more year and proves to Sean Payton and company he's worthy of taking the throne from Brees, he becomes the starting quarterback of one of the most high-powered offenses in the league in his prime.

Bridgewater is betting on himself and the Saints, but the $7.25 million doesn't hurt either.