​Newly-acquired ​Chiefs defensive back ​Tyrann Mathieu made an innocent mistake, but try telling that to the people of Kansas City. This morning the Honey Badger tweeted out that he followed in Les Miles' footsteps by following his former collegiate coach to Kansas. Miles now coaches for the University of Kansas football team. 

The problem you might ask? Native Missourians need no explaining. If you were a geography wiz in grade school you may know that Kansas City is not just in Kansas. Most of it is in Missouri and a small portion borders the state of Kansas. Pretty crazy stuff, right?

​​Unfortunately, Mathieu fell victim to this weird geographical nuance and Missourians are letting him hear it. Not a great way to introduce yourself to your new fanbase, huh?

As Mathieu gets acquainted to his new home, I'm sure Chiefs fans will quickly find a way to forgive him after seeing his play on the gridiron.

​​Mathieu vastly improves a weak Chiefs secondary that was exploited week after week last season. The Honey Badger should become a fan-favorite quickly, even though he is currently on thin ice. 

He just can't afford any more Kansas City gaffes.