​If you ever wonder where all the money goes that is funded into collegiate athletics, we have the answer for one program. ​Clemson football revealed a new tombstone to their program's "graveyard."

To put it nicely, the headstone commemorates ​Alabama's championship run last season, only eventually to get absolutely embarrassed in the title game by Dabo Swinney, Trevor Lawrence and Co. 

Rest in peace, Alabama. You won't be dearly missed by the folks in Death Valley. 

​​By the looks of it, Clemson is using every opportunity to soak in that championship feeling at Alabama's expense. I mean... this is beyond savagery. Just downright disrespectful. 

The amount of shade being thrown is incredible. And this isn't even the first time Clemson football has done this. The program has an entire field of fallen soldiers. 

​​Two years ago, Alabama was etched into stone for the first time in the "graveyard" after their 2017 championship loss to Deshaun Watson's team.

However, you feel about this hilariously bizarre tradition for Clemson, the Tigers might not be wise to poke the bear. If anyone will exact revenge next season it will be Nick Saban and Alabama.