Chicago Cubs manager ​​Joe Maddon is one of the more innovative skippers in the game, so it comes as no surprise that he's not in favor of all the ​rule changes MLB and the MLBPA have agreed to.

Specifically, Maddon is not a fan of the three-batter minimum that will take effect beginning in 2020.

Agreed, sir.

Maddon hates this rule because he doesn't want the strategy of the game to be impacted by a rule change. While this rule should speed things up in the latter innings, Maddon still wants to be able to have that lefty specialist he can deploy and then take out immediately, if he so chooses.

After all, why must a manager be neutered by the rule book?

I guess what he doesn't want to come to terms with is there's still risk and strategy involved with this rule. I mean, now managers have to think about putting in a reliever who can get more than one hitter out, and it might take going through a batter you would otherwise not want him to face.

It also could force a manager to stick with his starting pitcher longer, which isn't a bad thing.

Let's get to 2020 before we crucify the rulebook, shall we?