​Outside of ​2015, when he lucked into Cam Newton's MVP season that saw him carry Jerricho Cotchery and Devin Funchess to a Super Bowl, ​Dave Gettleman has been a disaster as a general manager in both Carolina and ​New York.

He's started the Giants rebuilding process by trading the likes of Odell Beckham Jr., Olivier Vernon, and Damon Harrison, while letting Landon Collins leave inside the division for nothing. However, he remains strangely beholden to decrepit Eli Manning. 

The Giants, according to reports, aren't ready to move off of him this offseason in favor of a younger quarterback.

​​Can someone just put Old Yeller down already? Starting a 38-year-old declining quarterback helps no one, except the Eagles and Cowboys.

Instead of giving a developing young quarterback plenty of offensive weapons like Beckham or a stalwart defense, the Giants have traded away all of their star complimentary pieces and kept the quarterback. It's literally the polar opposite of what constitutes an effective rebuild. 

​​Eli is a borderline Hall of Fame player who gave the Giants two Super Bowls. Having said that, those accolades shouldn't give him the QB job in perpetuity until he retires. Cut him, draft a QB, and start the rebuild properly.