​Apparently, dumb Baker Mayfield maturity takes aren't exclusive to Colin Cowherd.

​NFL Network insider Mike Silver was the latest person to question the maturity of a rookie who took an 0-16 team to 7-8-1, saying that after the addition of Odell Beckham Jr., the ​Cleveland Browns QB needs to grow up.

We're still doing this?

​​"I would argue that the quarterback needs to grow up and that somebody in that organization needs to tell him what it's like to be a professional, so I'll just put that out there," Silver said. But why, though?

Mayfield detractors are the most broken of records, parroting the same three incidents (his arrest in college and junk grab against Kansas, and his feud with Hue Jackson) as evidence that he is completely unruly and destructive. Not only is it flat-out wrong based on all the noise coming out of ​Cleveland, but it's unfairly challenging someone's character. 

Mayfield haters are going to keep on hating, so hopefully Baker and Beckham can hook up for 10 touchdowns to serve them a much-needed slice of humble pie.​​