​Just in case specially designed courts and uniforms weren't enough, the ​Raptors are taking their ​Drake/OVO partnership to a new level.

Toronto's practice facility, from this day forth, will be known as the OVO Athletic Centre. 

​​In 2013, the Toronto born rapper was named a "global ambassador," which put him on the Raptors' executive board. Ever since then, Drake has had massive control over the Raptors' branding. 

He helped with the creation of their new basketball with claw marks logo, introduced the new gold alternate jerseys, and helps with community outreach. 

Drake even has his own locker in the Air Canada Centre. They just handed him DeMar DeRozan's old locker. 

The Raptors are a unique franchise. Their earliest incarnation featured outrageous purple dinosaur jerseys and the high-flying antics of Tract McGrady and Vince Carter. Afterwards, they sunk into a post-Chris Bosh funk where they were mired in mediocrity.

With Drake efforts off the court and the performance of Kawhi Leonard on it, the Raptors have become one of the hottest destinations in the NBA.