​With Kyler Murray giving up baseball for a career as an NFL quarterback, it seems like the next-best shot the sporting world has at a two-sport superstar is ​Michigan quarterback ​Shea Patterson

Patterson, who was drafted in the 39th round of the 2018 MLB draft by the ​Texas Rangers, has show up to Rangers spring training. 

​​Patterson starred as a third baseman in high school, but hasn't suited up on the diamond at either Ole Miss or Michigan. Still, just in case this whole quarterback deal doesn't work out, Patterson has a fallback plan. 

​​Patterson's story may be extremely rare, but isn't totally unheard of. 

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is technically a member of the Trenton Thunder, the New York Yankees' Double-A affiliate. Every spring training, Wilson heads down to Tampa and offers the baseball world a tantalizing glimpse at what could have been if he stuck with baseball. 

Murray might be an NFL quarterback through and through, but Patterson seems to be keeping his options on the diamond open.