​Few things have been a definite guarantee over the past eight years. Among those are death, taxes, and LeBron James going to the NBA Finals. Every year since joining the Miami Heat in 2010, James has made it to the Finals and has picked up three championships along the way. 

A truer model of consistency the ​NBA hasn't seen, since that Jordan guy who played for the Bulls 20 years ago.

LeBron added the caption, "Some things never change!" to his post.

This year, James has made it into the​ top 10 all time in assists, and ​recently passed Michael Jordan on the all-time points list

That ferocious flying motion still looks effortless, almost 20 years later. It seems like even though the Lakers are out of the playoff picture, James has all that spring in his step and the energy necessary to return strong next season. Year 17, here we come.