​LSU men's basketball coach ​Will Wade was suspended by the program after he was identified on a wiretap during the FBI's investigation of ​illegal recruiting practices in ​NCAA basketball

Wade has since come out with a statement requesting his desire to resume his duties as the team's head coach. After a week away from the team, Wade is ready to return. 

The ​36-year-old head coach denied to partake in an interview with ​LSU and the NCAA, claiming he was simply following instructions from his legal counsel due to the fact that there was a federal investigation occurring over the same topic. 

Wade feels he deserves to return to coaching, as he is merely exercising his constitutional rights. He believes he should be back on the court with his team while the legal procedures continue on. 

The ball is officially in the court of Joe Alleva, LSU's Athletic Director. Wade remains hopeful that he will be able to coach the team during the NCAA Tournament, but he didn't seem very apologetic for his actions in his statement.