​One moment we're talking about delaying free agency by a year by demoting top prospect ​Eloy Jimenez, and the next we're delaying it a half-decade with a monster pay day.

What happened?!

We're not sure what to believe, either, but rumors from legitimate sources south of the border started cropping up late Wednesday night that placed Jimenez as a man about to receive an Evan Longoria-style long-term deal before his first big league plate appearance.


Yes, it's a major step of the rebuild to lock in your youngest talent at the earliest possible juncture. But, we're just wondering where the sudden desire to do something of this magnitude arose.

Overshadowed by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. somewhat (not his fault!), Jimenez pounded minor league pitching across Double- and Triple-A in 2018 as a 21-year-old (freshly 22), ​drilling the ball at a .337/.384/.577 clip with 22 bombs and 75 RBI.

​​His big league trip assuredly isn't far behind--this burly dude can flat-out slug. 

Whether this report is true or not is hard to say. Gomez uses legitimate sources always, but sometimes rumors dissipate. Either way, we're fairly sure that if this deal does come to fruition, the Sox won't regret it.