​This was truly the ONE time you probably wanted to leave about 45 minutes early to make sure you beat the traffic, Antonio Brown. 

After all the drama that followed him in Pittsburgh, ​No. 84 was set to be introduced in Oakland Wednesday with Jon Gruden and Co. as the newest playmaker of the Raiders. 

But, it wouldn't be fitting unless there was some drama involved, right? Sure enough, AB84 is late for his intro presser. COME ON. 

​​You've got to imagine the brass of the Steelers can't help but laugh when they see this image. Brown is known across the league for being a diva, and showing up late, while making staff members and reporters wait on you, is a terrible look. 

There's no denying the superstar receiver is one of the best in the game. There's a reason the ​Raiders inked him to a monstrous contract and gave up a third and fifth-round pick for him. 

But this is a joke.

Day 1 of the Antonio Brown era is off to a rocky start in California. Color me shocked...not.