​Whichever marketing geniuses advised the Giants on the smoothest and softest landing for their "We traded the face of the franchise" Tweet should probably be relieved of their duties.

That's got to be a ​Gettleman hire, we assume.

Because, with a monumental task in front of them, letting fans know that the most exciting offensive athlete the NYG had ever possessed is now departing, the Twitter account ducked, covered, and sprinted for Tijuana with a suitcase overflowing with cash.

Behold, a masterwork.

​​Who'd you have to give up to get Zeitler and Peppers, though? Someone middling? Probably someone middling, right?!

Unless they're saving the, "Thank you" for later, this is the Lusitania of Twitter goodbyes. This is sadder than the end of "Titanic."

And no, they weren't. 

Gettleman/Alex Jones, do your thing.

The baton has literally been passed.

It's all over.

Five years of toiling for a ​regressing QB and a directionless franchise, and the Giants not only failed to adequately praise Beckham, but they forgot to mention him entirely.

We would clamber for everyone involved with this franchise to be fired into the sun, but there's still a mid-March chill in New York, and the sun's warmth might be too kind.

What have you got for us next, Amazing Team? We love you!