​Hold on just a minute, Saints fans! ​Teddy Bridgewater returning to the bayou isn't official just yet, and the Miami ​Dolphins are trying to lure him to South Beach.

The Phins are trying to throw more money at Bridgewater in an attempt to bring him to Miami to start in 2019. 

​​The Dolphins had been hot on Bridgewater's trail for some time now, but he allegedly turned down a more lucrative offer to return to New Orleans, stating that he liked the culture and the prospect of taking over for Drew Brees. 

​​Bridgewater had been a Pro Bowl player in Minnesota, but suffered who could have been a career-ending knee injury in training camp of his third season that forced him to miss the better part of two years. He backed up Brees in New Orleans last year following a trade from the Jets.

The Dolphins have their sights set on Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert in 2020, making Bridgewater the ideal bridge quarterback. Stay tuned.