Two years and thousands of miles later, Kobe Bryant's retired Lower Merion jersey has finally returned to its rightful place after being stolen from its display case in 2017.

In a story written by ESPN's Dave McMenamin, it was reported the jersey was brought back to the school after a Kobe fanatic in China realized that he had purchased the stolen item.

Liu Zhe, 28, purchased the iconic No. 33 jersey online for about $2,000 before starting to put two-and-two together and eventually contacting someone from the school via Instagram and mailing the jersey back to where it was always meant to be.

You might be wondering what Zhe got in return for being such a good Samaritan. The answer is nothing. According to McMenamin, “He asked for no compensation in return — other than hoping that Bryant would be alerted that the jersey had been recovered.” 

Hopefully, someone can get a hold of ​Kobe and set up a meeting for this man, I'm sure it would mean the world to him.

Authorities are still looking for the jersey thieves, who remain at-large. The two thieves reportedly didn't stop with just the jersey, they also stole a trophy, a plaque, and some sneakers, among other memorabilia.

Shoutoutto Liu though, his kind act surely won't go unnoticed.