Back in early February, Stephen A. Smith made all of the headlines when he absurdly claimed that ​Dwayne Haskins was more of a runner than a passer

The bizarre take fueled NFL Combine reporters to ask the former Ohio State quarterback what he thought of the comments and ​the 21-year-old admirably took the high road

Well, here we are on March 12, over a month later, and the ESPN personality finally apologized on his radio show, claiming that he based the comment off of games against Purdue and Michigan, where Haskins feasted on the ground. 

​​We always respect an apology and it couldn't have been easy for Stephen A. to come clean about such a putrid analysis. So credit where credit is due.

HOWEVER, Smith is surely an intelligent enough individual not to assess Haskins' ability to run the ball on just two games! Thats as irresponsible as it is asinine. 

And Dwayne's poor 40-time was enough evidence. 

For all of those irony fans out there, the First Take host was in the news again for ​yet another head-scratching miscalculation

Unfortunately for Stephen A., thats what his listeners will remember on this Tuesday, not his apology, which wasn't exactly convincing enough to begin with.