According to former ​Kansas head coach ​David Beaty, Kansas might have done some outlandish stuff to get out of paying him his $3 million buyout. 

Beaty filed a lawsuit that alleges that Jayhawks athletic director Jeff Long and another senior Kansas official discussed needing to "find" something that​ would void Beaty's buyout. The "something" they had in mind was a "dead hooker" in his closet. 

A DEAD HOOKER. The sleaziness of college ADs will never be topped. While they likely weren't serious about actually needing to find a dead hooker, the analogy alone proves they were planning to do something beyond dirty.

​​Beaty, now with Tom Herman's Texas staff, claims that the two parties had originally agreed to six payments of $500,000 over the course of three seasons. The school alleges that an independent investigation found unprofessional conduct from one his assistant coaches, but nothing concrete ever materialized. 

Beaty may not have been Bear Bryant, but he is still owed the money in his buyout. This is yet another despicable move from a college AD trying to assassinate someone's character, and further evidence that somebody needs to police the disgusting NCAA.