There were no winners in the Russell Westbrook-Utah Jazz fan spat last night. The fan in question, identified as Shane Keisel, was banned from Jazz games for life as a result of the incident, and Russ is going to have to fork over a nice chunk of change.

Westbrook was fined $25,000 for what was officially termed "directing profanity and threatening language" to a fan. 

Given the fact that Jazz have seemingly t​​aken Westbrook's side by barring the fan in question from future home games, the fine seems a bit weird. However, since Westbrook threw the F-bomb out and threatened violence against a women, it makes sense why the NBA wants to swiftly crush this PR debacle with a fine.

NBPA president Michelle Roberts issued a statement in the immediate aftermath, siding with Westbrook and calling for a zero tolerance policy that would prevent abuse from fans and reactions from players that earned fines. 

​​This whole situation was a debacle for Westbrook, the Jazz, and ​the league. Luckily, the whole affair was squashed quickly and effectively by all parties involved.