​I guess it's true when people say that baseball players are married to the game.

While ​proposing to his now-fiancee Jennifer Lopez over the weekend, former New York Yankees star and current ESPN Sunday Night Baseball host ​Alex Rodriguez was still rocking his World Series ring.

​​A man has his priorities, right?

He didn't exactly upstage the engagement ring, though. The rock he gave to J-Lo is, for lack of a better word, massive.

​​Rodriguez won the championship ring back in 2009 when the Yankees downed the Philadelphia Phillies in the Fall Classic. He carried his fair share of the load, finishing the series with a .973 OPS, a home run, and six RBI.

You can't help but laugh about the whole thing. Even as he starts a new life with Jennifer Lopez, he's still a Yankee in his heart of hearts. After all, baseball is something that sticks with you forever. 

Let's just hope that they don't start comparing ring sizes in their spare time, because even after giving his fiancee such an impressive stone, he'd definitely win.