​Oh, look, another instance where ESPN's ​Stephen A. Smith didn't fact check his point and made an absurd claim. On First Take, they were doing a segment about the Jacksonville Jaguars signing quarterback Nick Foles, and he made the comment about the Washington Redskins using five quarterbacks last season. Five? Stephen A. named Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Josh Johnson, and "some guy named Tress Way actually started one game.”

Tress Way? Isn't that the Redskins punter?

Way did throw one pass last year, which he completed for seven yards, but it was on a fake punt and he did not start a game.

I don't care if he was trying to make a joke or not, but can he actually look this stuff up before he shouts it out on live television? You can make a mistake and say something wrong or inaccurate, but this wasn't something off the cuff.

Nobody outside of Redskins fans actually know who Tress Way is, so he actually needed to look this up.

Maybe Way should've started a game for Washington, as he has a career passer rating of 118.7. Just ​another day where Stephen A. Smith has an embarrassing blunder on TV.