Back up the Brinks truck and open up the vault. C.J. Mosley is about to be a VERY rich man. 

The inside linebacker just set a new mark in the NFL. In fact, for an inside linebacker, he's breaking a barrier never thought possible before. 

In a stunning deal with the Jets, Mosley, a four-time Pro Bowler, is signing for $85 million with $51 million guaranteed. 

That's unheard of for an inside linebacker. 

Panthers middle linebacker Luke Kuechly set the record for highest paid inside linebacker in the NFL back in 2015 when he got $34 million in total guarantees. But Mosley is making at least $17 million more in guarantees, which is 50 percent higher than Kuechly. 

For perspective, that would be like the next quarterback signing for $150 million in guaranteed money, shattering the $100 million in guarantees Matt Ryan got. 

The Jets are making big moves this offseason, and Mosley appears to be the centerpiece. He's a three-down linebacker who is good in coverage and makes a ton of tackles (over 100 combined in four of five seasons). He doesn't get a lot of sacks (4 is his max), but the Jets are signing him to be the leader of their defense, not a specialty pass rusher. 

Still, a 50 percent raise on the next highest paid player at his position is a lot. Now it's up to Mosley to prove he was worth it.