Pete Alonso has played himself into quite the predicament. 

The 24-year-old New York Mets prospect has absolutely dominated Spring Training, landing near the top of the league in many key batting categories. Such a performance would usually earn a player a spot on the Opening Day roster. However, If Alonso stays in the minors for the Mets first 12 games of the year, the team will have Alonso under seven more years of club control instead of six. But keeping Alonso out of the lineup for even just 12 games may seriously cost the Mets in what is sure to be a hotly-contested race for the NL East crown.

The division is simply loaded this year. Bryce Harper signing with the Philadelphia Phillies gives them a chance to be a super team. While Harper seemingly left a gaping hole in Washington, the Nationals have been able to add multiple quality players in free agency to go along with their top-quality pitching. If the Mets hope to compete with these two formidable opponents, as well as the defending division champion Braves, they will need to bring their best lineup to the ballpark for all 162 games.

To figure out what to do, the Mets need to take a long look in the mirror. While playing Alonso would certainly help them compete, is it really worth losing an entire year of club control for a mere dozen contests? If the Mets truly believe that their club has a shot at the playoffs, then they should go all in and keep Alonso on the MLB roster. 

With Alonso on the big league roster for the entire year and a healthy pitching staff, the Mets will have a chance to compete in 2019. But if either of those two things does not happen, the Mets players will likely once again be watching October baseball from their couches