A bunch of transactions were reported across the NFL on Monday as free agents negotiate with potential new teams ahead of the beginning of the upcoming league year. One report from ESPN claimed that Greg Olsen would replace Jason Witten in the broadcast booth for Monday Night Football.  

Olsen took to Twitter to clear the air regarding the rumors, which based on his tweet, seemed to catch him off guard. Olsen tweeted out a hilarious gif in what was a perfect response to the reports surrounding his future in the league. 

Olsen is celebrating his 34th birthday on Monday, but instead of being met with birthday wishes, he was instead faced with various reports claiming he'd be joining ESPN rather than returning to the Panthers in 2019. 

Clearly he wasn't impressed with the reports and doesn't seem like he's made a decision on whether he wants to continue playing in the league. 

Olsen was reportedly at the Panthers training facilities on Monday morning getting a workout in when the initial rumors surfaced, so there doesn't seem to be a lot of substance from the reports. 

The veteran tight end has been linked with the vacant job from the moment Witten agreed to return to the Cowboys, but nothing has been confirmed.