The Warriors have gone cold.

Golden State has lost six out of their last 10 games, the cherry on top of their recent skid being Sunday night's home loss against the Suns, a dark moment for the talented Warriors squad.

Now, one of the team's stars, Klay Thompson, is calling out the team's fans, complaining about the lack of cheer and support from the Golden State faithful. 

And these comments from Thompson are pretty pathetic, to be honest. These fans have been behind the team vocally for the past several years, but when the team can't play up to its standards, Thompson chooses to attack the supporters rather than accept responsibility for the team's poor play?

The real problem for the Warriors isn't in the stands; it's on the court. Losing to the Suns and getting blown out by a reeling Celtics team is completely unacceptable whether it's in an empty or full arena.

The Warriors still sit atop of the Western Conference standings, but the Nuggets remain a threat to secure the conference's top spot while the red-hot Rockets are rapidly closing the gap between them and Golden State.

The team's three-peat potential is still there, but unless Thompson and the rest of the roster turn their attention to their problems as a team rather than focusing on trivialities like fan support, the championship run may end at two.