Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola is out of Miami, and that could lead to the possibility of being out of a girlfriend.

Yes, Amendola is heading to Detroit, and the Motor City has unfortunately been the final resting place for athlete relationships these past few years.

Amendola and on-and-off again girlfriend Olivia Culpo had just rekindled their romance earlier this year after New Year's Eve celebrations. But now the receiver has just signed a one-year deal with the Lions after getting picked up in NFL free agency, further complicating matters.

Culpo was not happy when Amendola left New England to start playing for Miami last season. And now that he is going to Detroit, which isn't...quite Miami, things could get testy once more.

Their first breakup was attributed to the fact that Amendola would be so far away while playing in Miami. 

 “It had to do with the distance and them barely seeing each other,” according to an Us Weekly article. “He got signed to the Miami Dolphins and Olivia wasn’t going to move there.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model ended things with Amendola in October of 2018, after friends advised her to "cut ties" with the wide receiver, who had been seen with another woman. 

Of course, a trade to Detroit was a death knell for romance earlier in 2018; Blake Griffin headed from the Clippers to the Pistons, and Kendall Jenner famously did not follow. Going to Detroit of your own volition, though, Danny? That's a different story entirely.

Since 2016, Culpo and Amendola have been on-and-off again. We suspect we're about to hit that off switch.