The Minnesota Vikings might not have a ton of cap space, but have some options when it comes to getting some, if they're interested. 

If they're looking to acquire some wiggle room, parting ways with some starters in their secondary might be the easiest method.

Multiple teams are reportedly interested in trading for Xavier Rhodes or Trae Waynes as the tampering period approaches. 

This stout defense is going to look a lot different if the Vikings take these opportunities to clear up some cap. 

Minnesota is rumored to be parting ways with Everson Griffen, but the cap casualties won't stop there. The Vikings could also part ways with Waynes, who is being actively shopped before the team has to pay him the $9.069 they owe him by March 13.

Rhodes is the less affordable option, while in the middle of his five-year deal worth $70 million, but has the big name pedigree teams are interested in. The 2017 All-Pro may have taken a step back this past year, but would still be a huge upgrade if teams are willing to pay top dollar for his talents. 

You don't normally look to part ways with talent like this, but if the price is right, you can bet Minnesota is willing to listen.