​On Saturday night, the baseball and entertainment worlds merged as one after the news of the engagement between Alex​ Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. That's right, J-Rod is becoming a permanent fixture. There's no way anything or anyone can ruin the moment.

Enter Jose Canseco.

Taking a break from his ​alien and Bigfoot excursions, Canseco used his personal Twitter account to accuse Rodriguez of cheating on Lopez...with Canseco's ex-wife. He decided to tweet this as he was watching Lopez on her show, "World of Dance."

Before you ask, yes, Canseco is serious about these allegations. 

Canseco sent out another tweet saying that he was with his ex, Jessica, when he witnessed Rodriguez calling her phone.

Canseco wasn't done there, as he explicitly told Rodriguez to stop cheating on J-Lo.

Finally, Canseco threw down the gauntlet, as he challenged A-Rod to a boxing match or MMA fight. Yes, he's being for real.

As everyone knows, Canseco is firm in his beliefs, even though he is a bit out there.

Will Rodriguez and Lopez take his allegations seriously? Probably not, but Canseco provided Twitter users with another epic rant.