​​Jeff Van Gundy isn't one to shy away from ​spouting off with a hot take, but he may have reached peak insanity with his latest comments. During the broadcast for the ​Celtics-​Lakers game on Saturday night, Van Gundy was discussing the Lakers' future and suggested rebuilding the roster. Part of that rebuild, according to Van Gundy, should include trading ​LeBron James

Yeah, sure thing, Jeff. 

The Lakers went out and inked James to a huge four-year contract this offseason, and Van Gundy wants the organization to move on after one failed season? While the Lakers' front office has often appeared impatient, trading away ​LeBron James is just unrealistic. 

The organization would be heavily scrutinized if they chose to heed Van Gundy's advice. The analyst believes the Lakers would be better off if they offloaded James' contract to a team like the Clippers, and then pursued Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant in free agency. 

While a LeBron trade may make sense for the Lakers on paper, it would show just how easily swayed the organization is in terms of commitment. Rather than focus on rebuilding in 2018, the Lakers tried to ​blow up the roster to land Anthony Davis

If they trade LeBron away, it would be a huge mistake, and would leave the team in a vulnerable position. While the Lakers are clearly itching to become contenders once again, shipping off LeBron just isn't the answer. Even with the 2018-19 season being nothing short of a disaster, James is the face of the franchise, and trading him would show a lack of loyalty to star players.