​The ​Oakland Raiders made out like bandits, ​acquiring Antonio Brown via trade with the ​Pittsburgh Steelers. Oakland didn't give away a big haul at all, and now it looks like they are trying to further improve their team by adding another disgruntled ex-Steeler. 

Raiders' quarterback ​Derek Carr openly campaigned to bring Brown to the team, and now it looks like he has his sights set on ​luring Le'Veon Bell to Oakland in free agency. Carr just recently started following Bell on Twitter, hinting at the potential of playing alongside one another in black and silver. 

If Bell were to sign with the Raiders, it would be a huge victory for oft-criticized ​head coach Jon Gruden, who faced his share of skeptics following a dismal debut campaign with the team. 

The Raiders would have a whole new identity if ​Bell joined, going from bottom feeders to deploying one of the league's most lethal offenses...at least for a few years. Adding talent like Bell to the mix, in an offense which now features Antonio Brown, would allow Carr to make serious strides under center. 

He's never played with weapons like Brown and Bell, and the combination of the two would open up the Raiders' offensive attack dramatically.

If Carr's social media activity doesn't have Raider Nation fired up, then nothing will. With three first-round draft picks already in their arsenal, Oakland could be poised to become the league's newest contenders. 

We'll have to wait and see whether Bell is as interested in Oakland as the team is in him. We know the star running back is looking to land a big contract, so the Raiders will have to break the bank.