Now THAT is a rock!

Congratulations are in order for ​Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, one of the preeminent pop culture ​power couples on planet earth. This evening, A-Rod took to social media to announce that the two are engaged to be married...

*Angelic trumpeting is heard*

...and shared a photo of an absolutely massive diamond engagement ring.

That is an absolute unit.

Rodriguez put forth one of the most accomplished careers we've ever seen in the history of ​baseball. And though his career suffered from his association with PEDs, he's gone on to rehabilitate his image through his work on television.

​J.Lo, meanwhile, has always been immaculate and a singular force in public life. I mean, have you re-watched Out of Sight recently? It's still great! 

Time to raise a glass to this inimitable couple.


Seriously, that ring is big enough to fit around Saturn.