It's not often you see three teammates foul out in the same game, but that's exactly what happened to Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Steven Adams in OKC's 118-110 road loss to the Clippers on Friday night. After the game, PG13 made his disgust for the refs perfectly clear, tearing into the officiating crew and all but ensuring an envelope to be handed down from the league office in the near future.

The Thunder sent Los Angeles to the line 46 times on Friday night, 20 times more than OKC.

George picked up his sixth foul with just under four minutes to go in a one-point game on a very questionable offensive foul call drawn by Patrick Beverley.

Three minutes later, Russ was DQ'd for an offensive foul which sparked an 8-3 run for the Clips which were able to hold on for the win.

George knows that his criticism will draw a fine from the ​NBA, but he isn't going to let that stop him from speaking his mind.

"It's nothing we can do," George said. "I'm going to lose money on this. We speak up, we lose money. There's nothing I can do to change that. It is what it is. There's gotta be a change, but there's nothing that I can do."

PG is right on one point: he's definitely going to lose money over this.