I guess the NBA finally decided to put their foot down and do something about all the flopping in the league today.

On Friday afternoon, it was announced that the NBA had handed one of their rare warnings to Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Dennis Schroder for flopping during the team's game against the Portland Trail Blazers last night. The play in question can be see by clicking on the link below.

As seen in the video, Schroder was caught flopping when Portland small forward Mo Harkless went for a block. Harkless missed the ball, but also Schroder all together, and the Thunder guard still went down anyway.

While the warning is a rare move by the NBA, it most certainly means that the league will be keeping an eye on Schroder's play for the rest of the rest of the season. 

Schroder, who was originally a first-round pick by the Atlanta Hawks back in 2013, is currently in the middle of his first season with the Thunder. The 6-foot-1 German is averaging about 16 points-per-contest.