Despite the fact that the United States ​women's soccer team is blowing the men's team out of the water in terms of international success and consistency, ​it appears that US Soccer isn't putting them on the same plane as their male counterparts.

The women's team decided to celebrate International Women's Day by taking US Soccer to task over this, as all 28 members of the team are filing a gender discrimination lawsuit in federal court. 

The federation is accused of allowing "institutionalized gender discrimination" to go on unabated for some time. The gap in how little they are paid as compared to the men's team was cited as one of the most important issues. 

However, the team also cited medical care, coaching and traveling conditions as being inadequate as compared to the men's team. 

This isn't the first time the USWNT has tried to get into a legal battle with the administrative powers in US Soccer, as they had previously sued for wage discrimination in 2016. 

​​Apparently constant success and accolades isn't enough for US Soccer to see the women's team in the same light as an ​underperforming men's team. Hopefully this lawsuit could break some ground in the USWNT's fight for equality.