The ​NBA playoffs start in a little over a month, April 13 to be exact. That leaves roughly four weeks for teams to solidify their playoff seeding, and it also gives those teams on the come-up a chance to prove that they are legitimate contenders. The Portland Trailblazers are one of those teams trying to make that jump.

No they're not. This is a case of Chuck saying what he thinks instead of thinking about what he's about to say. Portland has looked really good this year, with their ​All-NBA caliber point guard Damian Lillard and their All-Star shooting guard CJ McCollum. Does that mean they're going to beat the Golden State Warriors and head to the Finals?

No, it does not. Objectively speaking, they are looking up at a team like the OKC Thunder, Rockets, Nuggets and of course the two-time defending NBA champs. What a prediction. At least Barkley went out on a limb and chose not to go chalk on this one.

​Again, Dame Time is no joke. ​Shooting from deep with ease these days, it's clear that the backcourt for Rip City can compete with anybody. 

But, there's five players on the floor at one time, and among other teams, the Warriors have the advantage at every one of those five spots.​ Probably not the Blazers' time just yet.