On Feb. 20, Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim was driving home from a family dinner following a Syracuse victory over then-No. 18 Louisville. On his way back, Boeheim was part of a fatal accident that resulted in the death of Jorge Jimenez.

After a police investigation, it has been determined that Boeheim was not driving recklessly and he has been cleared of all wrongdoing in the incident. Boeheim was speeding just prior to the accident.

The crash that took Jimenez' life was tragic. Jiminez' car had spun out a few minutes prior and he exited the car. Upon arriving at the scene, Boeheim swerved to avoid a car and accidentally hit Jiminez, who had exited his vehicle.

After the accident, Boeheim returned to the Syracuse bench for their game against Duke. The university released the following statement regarding their decision to allow Boeheim to coach:

With Boeheim officially cleared from the investigation, his attention can hopefully fully return to the basketball court.