Shows like First Take and Undisputed blow up the LeBron James/Michael Jordan debate beyond belief. Maybe they know that's why people are tuning in to watch.

Even as ​James passed Jordan for fourth-place on the NBA's all-time scoring leaderboard in a blowout Laker loss to the visiting Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night, an important piece has been largely forgotten in this war of legacies. 

Despite the constant hype between the debates and 'hot takes' surrounding the Ohio native and the former Chicago Bull, Kobe Bryant's five rings and nearly two decades of excellence have been left out of the current sphere, like a magician removes a deck of cards from under a sheet with seemingly no explanation.    

Other than the five vs. three rings disparity, "​The Mamba" still leads "The King" in points per game, free-throw percentage, and interestingly enough, NBA All-Defensive first-team appearances. The fact that Bryant is simply left out of many GOAT debates simply does not make sense. 

​​However, fans should also take the time to simply sit back and appreciate the greatness that we have seen, are seeing right now and will continue to see moving forward, without degrading any star's abilities or their fans' opinions.