LeBron James passed Michael Jordan for the fourth spot on the NBA's all-time scoring list on Wednesday night. Everyone knew it was happening considering The King needed just 13 points to accomplish the milestone heading into the Los Angeles Lakers' matchup with the Denver Nuggets.

LeBron was feeling the love from fellow colleagues and other professional athletes, but what did MJ himself have to say?

Real deep, Mike. That hits home for sure.

Jordan was the top competitor of his time and obviously still has that mentality to this day. He did what was right by congratulating LeBron, but did nothing beyond that. Then again, what is he supposed to do? Write a love letter and send him flowers? 

People often forget professional athletes possess a level of dedication and talent like no other to play at the highest level in any sport. These men and women work day in and day out to be able to have one shot at achieving a successful career, and will stop at nothing to be the best and crush their competition. 

Michael Jordan probably has respect and a certain level of admiration for LeBron, but at the end of the day, these two don't even play together and yet they still have to constantly compete because of the media.

Jordan has gone on the record to even say that he doesn't even care about stats. For him it is about rings, and that's been made very clear. 

As a result, Jordan's praise will always be, and rightfully should be, at a minimum considering the competitor that still lives within him.