Can you imagine a world where Tom Brady became an unrestricted free agent?

Sadly, that's the world where the Patriots aren't the best team in football year in and year out. It doesn't exist. In this world, you have to accept the reality that Brady is going to be part of the Patriots organization as long as he has a pulse.

Now, word is coming out the Pats and Brady are working on a contract extension. 

Just more years of pain for the rest of the AFC East. Better yet, it's going to be pain for the NFL in general. Robert Kraft mentioned earlier in the year that the team was open to extending Brady past 2019. What a bold statement by Kraft to say he was open to extending the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Brady will become a free agent following the 2019 campaign, but this won't be a deal that will break the bank. We've seen TB12 take a pay cut for the team before and it's not something that is out of the question once again.

Right now, Brady's contract is expected to hit New England's cap for $27 million. Over the course of his career, Brady has made over $212 million from football alone. You better believe he can afford to take a pay cut. 

Not only will he likely be extended past this season, but he could give New England some wiggle room to add more talent in 2019.