​Kevin Durant has been widely-regarded in the​ NBA as one of the best scorers of this, or any generation. Not only can he shoot the three, but he can shake defenders at the top of the key and take it all the way to the rim. He is an excellent free throw shooter, and has a very soft touch with the ball in his hands.

Where he isn't taking such good care, however, is with his words whenever faced with questions from the media. 

Much maligned for the ​many questionable comments he has made this season ahead of his impending free agency, KD didn't mince words when responding to his coach's assessment of the team's loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

Disagreeing with your coach is one thing. To reiterate instances where they appear inconsistent is both rude and careless on the part of Durant. Steve Kerr is a multiple-time NBA champion as both a player and a coach. He deserves a little better backing from his best player than this.

Having the right to leave Golden State at season's end, little sound bytes and responses like these are going to continue bubbling up to the surface, and No. 35 can't be happy about it.

Rumors continue to swirl that ​Durant might bolt for a place like New York to join Kyrie Irving on the Knicks, but for now all of that is speculation. Like him or not, he's a Warrior for the moment and is in prime position to win Finals MVP again.

What Durant does next, only he knows.