​With the ​NBA second half in full swing, the pretenders are being separated from the contenders and the playoff races are really starting to intensify and take shape. 

The last 20 games down the stretch will help to carve out the postseason's matchups to watch.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are a team ready for the postseason, with Russell Westbrook being one of the big reasons why. Currently averaging a triple-double for the third consecutive season, the OKC point guard had some choice words for Karl Anthony Towns the other night.

"Get to the (expletive) playoffs then talk to me," Westbrook said. 

Westbrook has plenty of right to go at Towns, and the Timberwolves by extension. The Thunder are tied for the third-best record in the west, while Minnesota might be in the lottery once again this season. 

Five games out of eighth place in the conference gives KAT no right to clown Brodie and OKC in one game.

Granted, Towns did put it on the Thunder big time​ and he is a tough problem to solve at the center spot. But, he just hasn't put in the work in the games that really count. Meanwhile, ​Westbrook has already been to the NBA Finals as the second best player on a team. He may just do it again this year.