​The ​NBA is always a very fluid league, with many different players switching squads and forming superteams left and right. 

The Golden State Warriors, save for Kevin Durant, have drafted almost all their All-Stars during the span of this five-year championship run. That is the dream blueprint for a general manager.

Another team that has drafted the vast majority of their talent are the Boston Celtics. Picking up Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart in the first round of their respective drafts means the C's are home grown through and through.

Couple all of those great young core pieces with a superstar point guard like Kyrie Irving, who shows up in the biggest moments of the NBA season ready to kill, ​and you have a recipe for an NBA Finals contender.

The big issue? Team chemistry. ​Whether it is Gordon Hayward looking less than 100 percent, or Irving dominating the ball late in games, Boston has not looked like a team with a consistent plan offensively. 

As for the defense, the Celtics are much more efficient when everybody is engaged and moving on a string together. 

This kind of attention to detail and energy from the young players defensively is what could propel Boston through the Eastern Conference playoffs, even if they don't look like a polished product right now.

Their depth cannot be questioned. Brad Stevens is a great coach who has helped in developing Tatum and Brown, and Irving and Hayward are legit All-Stars. That top to bottom talent pool is what the Celtics can and will lean on come postseason time. 

If they can keep everybody healthy between now and early May, the rest of the league still has to watch out.